Silence Lux Comfort.

The SILENZZE Anti-Snoring Rest System is designed with the aim of correcting snoring, while offering an incredible feeling of comfort.

The SILENZZE LUX COMFORT system is made up of:

  • Silenzze electric bed base with Silenzze system of 180*200cm

  • Silenzze electric bed base of 180 * 200cm

  • Silenzze system.
  • 2 Silenzze mattresses of 180 * 200cm

  • 2 Silenzze Pillows.

The Silenzze Rest system is assembled from two beds, individual units joined together, and the System acts only on the snorer's side. This way you get an independent, No interference between both sides of the bed.

  • The Bed Frame:

The mobile bed base has 5 independent articulation planes that allow optimal ergonomics of the body in its different positions. In both bed bases their structure is designed with vaporized beech laminates that provide the best qualities of resistance and durability. The resting bed with beech slats and wide travel supports complement a quality rest with minimum pressure and maximum adaptability.

  • The Mattress:

The mattress has been developed with a high-density Viscoelastic core to optimize the possibilities of the entire set. It is perfectly compatible with the rest of elements of the System, adapting perfectly to the movement of the bed base and maintaining the same sensation of comfort throughout the night.

  • The Pillow:

Its high-density memory foam core has an exclusive design that allows for an excellent comfort position, adapting to our head and neck to allow proper alignment.

  • The Silenzze System:

The application is the brain of the System. When we go to bed, just go into the application and press the button that activates it. From there she connects herself with the rest of the elements and is in charge of starting up when necessary.

Very Easy to Use, with remote control function and save your favorite positions.

How does it work?:

1. The system detects snoring

The application monitors the silence of the room and is able to identify snoring, differentiating it from other sounds that can be produce.

2. Activate the system of correction

When the snoring starts, the system activates automatically, until it stops, without interrupting the sleep of the who share the bed.

3. Returns the bed to its initial position

In order not to interfere with the quality of sleep, once the snoring has been eliminated, the System returns the bed to its position initial, recovering the alignment position of the column.




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