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The down

Down –also called duvet– is made up of a practically invisible core with thousands of fine filaments like silk, arranged in all senses and directions. This three-dimensional shape gives it high flexibility and high volume capacity, essential to provide effective insulation and perfect moisture evaporation with minimal weight, standing out above any other natural or synthetic material.

The Feather

The feather is made up of a slightly curved central rachis or "cannon" from which very fine filaments emerge in opposite directions. Compared to down, feathers are a heavier material, less pleasant to the touch and with little insulating capacity. Its use is intended for products that need support and firmness.

Fill Power

Fill power indicates the degree of fluffiness and volume of the down on a scale of 400 to 900 cuin (cubic inches).

A duvet with a high fill power will be light, offering a voluminous and fluffy appearance, and will provide maximum thermal insulation with minimum weight.

Therefore, the quality of a duvet is given by the lightness and comfort provided by a high fill power down.

A correct choice of grammage based on the quality of the down, in addition to providing extraordinary insulation, ensures effective evaporation of moisture generated during sleep.