Magnus Concept

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Why buy Magnus Concept?
We present our Magnus Concept.
This articulated base incorporates levels of sophistication that are hard to find and are geared towards maximizing your comfort at bedtime. To achieve this, a base capable of obtaining 100% comfort from any type of mattress, including one with springs, has been included. Yes, you heard correctly!!!, you can have a state-of-the-art articulated bed with a mattress of springs firm, amazing right?
It has an advanced suspension system that works horizontally and vertically, maintaining a stable support, in addition to accompanying your body in any type of articulated movement. Simply perfect.
In addition, our new applications with extra devices, which are added to the bed, motorize sleep, study the temperature, have cardiac sensors, noise detectors, move the bed by voice...
Can you imagine that every morning when you woke up you had information about how your night was at break?
Well, here's the technology that will help you get more restful nights. Sleeping is something inherent to life, it is cellular regeneration, it is the establishment of knowledge... It is new life.
At bdhome we know your needs and we will be happy to improve your life.
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What is SmartDreams?
SmartDreams is a concept in which we include the new technologies that we incorporate into our sleep products.
There are three main novelties that join our bed bases:
  • App to control the bed from the mobile.
  • New applications with extra devices that are added to the bed: sleep motorization, temperature sensor, cardiac sensor, noise detector...
  • New functions with devices that connect to the house (home automation with Alexa): moving the bed by voice, turning connected electrical appliances on and off.
SmartDreams is a concept that will continue to be developed in the future and in which Dunlopillo is already at the forefront.

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