Thermo Regulator Mattress Pad

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Padded mattress cover made of 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric.

The THERMO-REGULATOR mattress protectorr by Velfont combines a 100% cotton natural filling with 100% cotton thermo-regulatory fabric, which applies the most advanced technology developed by NASA with the cotton fabric, obtaining a exclusive and unique product in the market. The thermo-regulating fabric cushions changes in temperature and humidity that affect rest and provides a constant microclimate throughout the night. Not too cold, not too hot. This mattress topper adapts to mattress lengths of up to 200 cm and can assume mattress heights of up to 30 cm.

The Velfont THERMO-regulatory mattress pad adjusts with rubber around the entire perimeter of the mattress for a perfect fit during the night, avoiding unwanted displacements; In addition, it incorporates an outer trim for a better finish. This mattress topper increases comfort by relieving pressure on the points of contact with our body and achieving a better rest thanks to its 100% natural cotton filling. All Velfont mattress covers promote air circulation inside, eliminating moisture that may accumulate, as well as allowing proper transpiration.

Mattress cover ideal for: hot people.


  • Fabric: 100% cotton Outlast®
  • Filling: 100% cotton
  • Base: 100% cotton

Washing conditions

La temperatura máxima de lavado es de 40ºC usando el programa de ropa delicadaSe puede secar en secadora con programa suaveNo plancharSe puede lavar en seco con percloroetileno con restriccionesNo usar lejía

To highlight

  • Padded mattress topper
  • 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric that cushions sudden changes in temperature
  • For mattress heights up to 30cm and lengths up to 200cm

Not to hot not to cold Outlast 100% algodón