Basic Waterproof Mattress Pad

€34,00 EUR

The Velfont Basic Waterproof Mattress Cover is made with 100% absorbent and breathable cotton fabric on the upper side and laminated with polyethylene on the lower side, in addition to incorporating a 100% cotton fabric bed. The polyethylene laminate makes this mattress topper waterproof, providing comprehensive protection against liquids. This laminate, in turn, acts as an effective physical barrier against dust mites, since they cannot penetrate to the mattress. This mattress topper adapts to mattress lengths of up to 200 cm and can assume mattress heights of up to 30 cm.

The Velfont Basic Waterproof Mattress Pad adjusts with rubber around the entire perimeter of the mattress for a perfect fit during the night, avoiding unwanted displacements; In addition, it incorporates an outer trim for a better finish. This mattress topper increases comfort by relieving pressure on the points of contact with our body and achieving a better rest thanks to its filling with Neotherm® conjugated silicone hollow fiber. All Velfont mattress covers promote air circulation inside, eliminating moisture that may accumulate, as well as allowing proper transpiration.

Ideal mattress topper for: people looking for natural fabrics combined with waterproofing.

  • Outer fabric 100% cotton
  • Padding filled with recycled fiber
  • Waterproof, protects from liquids
  • For lengths of 190 and 200 cm, and different heights


Fabric: 100% cotton
Base: 100% polyethylene base
Filling: 100% polyester Neotherm fiber®

Maintenance recommendations:

Maximum washing 60º
Do not use bleach or fabric softeners
You can tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean or use stain removers