Merino Gold mattress

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Gold Series


Rest, dream, live, at Karibian rest we have designed these mattresses, finding the perfect balance. Different structures of materials and finishes that improve the experience of daily rest, achieving a continuous rebirth of sensations that will make you feel fully recovered at the beginning of each day.

This range of products is recommended according to morphology and weight up to 110kg so that you can choose the mattress that your body needs, all of them with lateral reinforcements for greater durability.

Elegance and softness are part of the Merino V7 mattress. Made with high quality materials. Thanks to its 7-zone profiled core and soy Bio memory visco, we can say that it is comfort at its best. The construction of the natural Merino wool fabric provides optimal heat and moisture regulation, as well as a classic and distinguished touch.

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Type: Colchones