Chevalier Comfort Top

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Maximum expression of comfort

At bdhome we are convinced that the Chevalier model is the absolute certainty of having the highest level of rest and comfort. It is that the best rest is the middle term between sustenance and adaptability and thanks to its design with Comfort Top technology, we managed to offer you a product with the best sensations, which will provide you with an exclusive quality rest that will surprise you.

Core: Pocket spring with 3 comfort zones and latex.

Upper Fabric: 100% viscose.

Upper Padding: 400 gr/m2 Trevira, 400 gr/m2 Camel wool, 400 gr/m2 Bamboo fiber, 400 gr/m2 Mohair, 20 mm latex and 500 gr/m2 Organic cotton.

Lower Fabric: Anti-slip Fabric.

Lower Padding: 600 gr/m2 with thermoregulating fiber.

Side Handles: 8 embroidered horizontal handles.

Buttons: 100% wool yarn.

Degrees of firmness: Medium and Firm. Option M/F in the same double mattress.

Height: 32 cm. mattresses

collections: SMATTEX

Type: colchones