Black and oak valet

€96,00 EUR

Create a fun as well as functional space with our Galán de Noche. It will be perfect and as well as useful, it will decorate your bedroom, living room, office or dressing room. The valet suit includes a hanger to hang jackets, shirts, sweaters, coats, dresses, etc. The finish on the hanger protects your clothes from breaking when hung.

The valet is stable, made of black metal, the square base, in addition to being firm, weighs enough so that the valet and whatever you want to hang on it do not wobble. In addition, the hanger and hanger are long enough to hang any type of garment.


  • 49m.
  • cm.
  • 109cm.

Metal, wood.

collections: DECOR

Type: Galanes de noche