SUPERBA Articulated Base with AURIGA Vibration Massage

€2.617,00 EUR

We present AURIGA, that, like "The Coachman" in the starry sky, will lead you to the best rest.

AURIGA, a Spanish company that is committed to innovation while taking care of the heritage of traditional manufacturing, is always faithful to its philosophy of practicing a true 'Art of Rest'.

A natural rest and traditional artisan manufacture.

AURIGA products use a selection of completely natural materials that, in addition to being comfortable, conserve body heat and effectively treat humidity.

All the natural fibers used in AURIGA products, whether of vegetable or animal origin, have been dermatologically tested to ensure their durability and full compatibility with the skin.

The upholstery of AURIGA products, made of 100% viscose, has the Öko-Tex 100 certificate, which guarantees that no substances harmful to humans have been used in their manufacture.

In the construction of rest systems, manual and artisan processes are used to achieve an impeccable finish for each piece.

Nature and Handicrafts come together in a selection of exclusive and unique rest equipment, hand-built by specialists in rest and design, layer by layer layer, to guarantee your maximum comfort .

The SUPERBA rest base is an articulated base designed and studied in detail to achieve a totally restful and healthy sleep.

This articulated base is the only one on the market that has an ambient light and a dim light at its base, with the ability to make a choice of Vibration Massage.

Your electronic equipment will allow you to adjust your ideal position for different moments of rest and enjoy the rest equipment AURIGA .

Unlike other articulated rest equipment, the choice of available sizes is one of its advantages, without losing comfort and design.

Comfort, massage, adaptability and design at your fingertips in a quality rest team.

The optimal combination for rest in this SUPERBA base is obtained with the ADHARA mattress by AURIGA .



Type: Cama Articulada